Frequently Asked Questions

What is metal spinning?

Metal spinning is a very cost-effective alternative to short-run stamping for prototype product creation or short to mid-sized runs of round, formed sheet metal parts. Check out our "Metal Spinning" page for more information and informative demonstration videos.

What types of metal does Imperial Metal Spinning utilize?

We work with many different types of metal, most commonly steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. For more details on the specifications of these metals, visit our "Capabilities" page.

What industries does Imperial Metal Spinning primarily serve?

Our usual customers include those in filtration, automotive, electric motor manufacturing/repair, aerospace, defense, food service, HVAC, architecture, medical, mining, funerary, artisans, and decorative. However, any customer needing a spun part will find a home with us.

What are some common types of parts produced by metal spinning?

We produce a wide variety of parts with our current equipment and toolset. Some of the more common parts we produce are flange rings, element retainers, L-rings, U-rings, end caps, air baffles, motor covers, bowls, adaptors, cones, domes, ferrules, guards, housings, tank heads, cups, decorative items, and molds.

Are there any disadvantages to metal spinning?

Only if you don't buy from us!

Where can I find more information about working with Imperial Metal Spinning?

Just contact us! We're here to help you find the best solution for your business. Please use our contact form or give us a call today.