What Is Metal Spinning?

Rather than attempting a lengthy (and possibly confusing) verbal description of our craft, please allow us to direct you to one of the many metal spinning demonstration videos available on YouTube. These videos will give you a much better idea of the basics of metal spinning and quickly illustrate the general process much better than what can be described in words.

What are Some Advantages of Metal Spinning?

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming, is a very cost-effective alternative to stamping and other forming methods for product prototype creation or short to mid-sized runs of round, formed, sheet metal parts. Our low-cost tooling and very fast turnaround time enable you to get into production quickly, whereas waiting for stamping tooling to be fabricated can create much longer lead times.

The metal spinning process wastes considerably less material and simultaneously produces a structurally stronger part than alternative metal-forming methods like machining.

Due to its process, metal spinning allows the production of seamless parts. These parts can withstand a much higher amount of internal or external pressure, which is ideal for products like scuba tanks or other pressure vessels which may utilize components such as cones, domes, lids, housings, and tank heads.

Metal spinning is a great way to reduce production costs and production time as well as produce high quality, consistent, and durable metal parts. If you are interested in our metal spinning services and would like more details on how we are able to help your business, contact us and speak to one of our experts. We would love to help you improve your production process, save your company money, and most importantly, establish a long-lasting relationship.